Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Celtic Wedding Jewelry

I am so glad that i finally got to order the studio lighting photography kit for myself. I am honestly excited and anxious to receive the items so i can start to practice more on how to control the light. The said items should get here on Thursday, and i will be waiting by the door to get it. Anyway, also i went to the thrift store, i bought some good good deal props that i can use on my photography business soon.

Speaking of photography business, soon when i am experienced enough, i surely will have to enter the wedding photo shoots field. I really love taking pictures of newly weds, either funky, silly or serious type of photography. Also, i love taking pictures of the bling blings of the bride. The clothes, the shoes, the bouquet, and especially the celtic wedding jewelry. I am just hoping that i can get an opportunity to do that very soon. I am also excited to do that, because taking pictures is my passion.

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