Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Edmonton Apartments

If i were to choose where to get away this coming Thanksgiving holiday, i would choose the Canada country. Why? Because hubby asked me if we ever get the chance to get away within three weeks from now, he'll let me choose whether Canada or Arizona again. So i prefer Canada since we both have never been to that country. Not to mention i have lots of friends over there to meet. One of my friends is residing at Edmonton Apartments and told me that if ever we will go there, she would be so glad to have us their in their place.

She said that the place is quiet and peaceful just like our place here. Also, the scenery is just amazing and breathtaking. Oh, how she described the place made me even more excited to visit the place. I so can't wait to be there and see it in my own eyes and capture every corner of it. I love to see breathtaking nature scenery, it makes me feel that i am special that i get to see the amazing place created by someone who is very special above. And of course taking a picture of it is the only way i can tell everybody that i have been to that certain place.

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