Tuesday, November 15, 2011

B&W Portrait By Yours Truly

I hardly go out now unlike before. I get to go out only when there's occasion or celebration at someone's house. And lately we had the gathering during the very thrilling and nerve racking night of the very famous Filipino boxer namely, Manny Pacquiao. Also, that is the time we got to be together again with my selected friends and eat the prepared delicious food we all prepared.

But, anyway, i was able to wear the clothes i recently bought from the store that i really really love. And i was so happy when i went there because they have summer items for sale. Obviously, they want to get rid of their summer clothes because winter is already here. So here's the clothes i was talking about. And oh! I need to say this, that i rarely convert my photos into B&W because i don't really appreciate the beauty of it, but then this one turned out to be so beautiful (the photo of course, not me. But it could be me, if you will insist, lol!). So here it is :D

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