Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nurse Scrub Uniforms

When you know someone's loved one is about to succeed with their dream, don't you feel happy as well? I do! My friend's daughter is going to graduate as a nurse soon and we, as her mom's friends can't also wait to see her wearing hospital scrubs uniforms. We are all sure that she will look good as just as the others that will be wearing it as well soon as they graduate. For my opinion, this kind of degree is indeed a brag about. I've seen her how she worked hard for it just to make her dream come true and now that she is about to finish her course, we're just proud of her just like her parents.

We, as friends decided to buy her some pairs of nurse scrubs uniform soon as she graduates and get a job. We are so certain that it won't be long soon after she graduates, she'll get the job that fits to her course. She is one hardworking girl and we can just guarantee that she will get the job quick. So for her, we are just sending some love to her and all the support she needs. We are just excited for her just like her. And we are wishing her all the best as she steps into another ladder of her destiny :)

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