Friday, April 16, 2010

Durable Luggage

It won't be a very long wait until we can fly to go see my dear family back home. I am as excited as can be and also my preschooler son. But until now i am still not ready though, i still got a lot of things to do like packing the things that i need to bring. Although i already bought a box where i want to put all the presents i am going to bring for my family, but i haven't put not even one in it yet. I guess i must get things ready before i run out of time. And that reminds me, i haven't even bought a luggage for myself yet because the luggage i used to have is now for my son, i need to pack their clothes as soon as i can so i don't forget anything that i should bring during the trip. This time, when i buy a luggage, i have to make sure that it is very durable and light so it won't add the weight to the things that i am going to put inside in it. I was searching some luggages that i wanted to have and i found this Titan luggage that matches to the luggage that i have been thinking to get. This is the perfect one for me, durable and pretty looking luggage.

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