Friday, April 23, 2010

Hand On The Grapes

My youngest one sure is one handful baby. I have to put everything out of his reach so he can't grab it. Pretty much of our things are already whether on top of the cabinets, on top of the shelves or anywhere just to keep the things away from him. Hubby has to vaccum the floor everyday so he won't see small things on the floor and pick it up and put it in his mouth. This morning i was putting some fruits on the plate where we usually put the fruits and put it on top of the coffee table for awhile because i went to my room to get my camera to take some snaps of it. But when i got back, he's already there trying to pick some grapes. Just look how cute his hand is, i must say that i did a good job capturing the cutest hand that is trying to get the grapes.
And if you want to see this at larger image, please click this LINK

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