Thursday, April 8, 2010

Job Hunting

I just barely got a call from my friend who lives in Georgia. Her father arrived there couple of weeks ago and who is very lucky to find a job so quickly. Since they are very close to the border of Florida. Her father was able to find a job in Florida. She is very happy that her father found a decent job through the help of Tampa job search so he won't be bored and might think of going back home. That made me think about my dear beloved mother, if i am going to sponsor her so she could come and stay here with us, would she get bored too? I just hope not, and i know my mother that she doesn't like being idle, she wants to do something because she likes to be being productive as possible as she can. Maybe i will just let her take care of my kiddos while i find a good job for me, so at least she has something to do while staying at home and will take care of her medication by my own income. How's that? I hope that this plan of mine will work smoothly like what i wanted to, i just have to cross my fingers and toes then, lol!


Luana said...

Wish you all the best, hun! Finding a job is so tough recently... >.<

- Luana @

imelda said...

i guess ur the one thats bored sis, joke. its good to have mom take care of kids while u work coz somehow u can trust ur baby is in good hands