Thursday, April 22, 2010

Worried Me

It got me a little worried what hubby took so long to get home. When he finally got home i welcomed him with a worried look and asked him why he got home late. He smiled at me and said, don't worry honey nothing happened to me, see? I am alive and still smiling. He didn't tell me yesterday he that he was planning to go to the store yesterday. And he told me just now that he stopped by at the store right after he got off from work. His boss assigned him to another area and he needs to have a new footwear for him to wear because the area that he is going to assigned is kind of rough and tough job. So he bought a pair of boots for him to wear in his new job. He teased me that i just worry too much. Well, of course i do worry, he is my husband and i do love him, maybe it's my nature to worry things especially when my loved ones are involve.

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