Thursday, April 8, 2010

Home Theater Seating

Hubby and our oldest son were watching movie downstairs the other night and hubby mentioned about something that made me laugh. It was our son that asked his daddy to buy him a home theater seating in his room so he can watch his own movie that he likes to watch. Well, first of all, he is still too young for that though and besides, his room is not big enough for that kind of machine to be put in his room. It will be too much if he has something like that in his room. For now, we told him that he can watch his movies in our front room where we have our machine just like what he was asking to have. Silly boy, sometimes he is thinking too much and it's just makes us laugh because he is too innocent to tell us something. We do understand him though, it's just that, there are things that he cannot get because he is too young to have it yet. In perfect time, he will get those things that he asked to his daddy.

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