Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ugly Blackheads

It was quite a while before i noticed my husband that he's got some blackheads on his nose and around it. I guess because i don't really look at his face directly very often before like i do now. I was still a bit shy to talk to him face to face and eyes to eyes when we just barely got married. I don't know, maybe because we are still adjusting to each other and we're still on the stage of getting more deeply to one another. But anyway, when i realized that he's got those ugly blackheads, i tried to clean them using tweezer but it just keep on coming back because his pores are so big that it is easy for the dirt to get into it and will become blackheads again. That's why i am trying to find out some blackhead treatments for him so i can totally get rid of those ugly blackheads he's got. You won't see it as you just look at his face but when you get close enough to his face, you'll see it and it's very unpleasant.

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