Monday, November 24, 2008

She Wants Me To

I was chatting with my big sister earlier and talked something about our family issue. But she wondered what kept me busy because i always respond to her message late. Then i told her what i was doing, i was busy doing the digiscrap. She viewed some of my design layouts, she liked it although i am still newbie to this thing but she appreciated my work, of course she is my sister what do you expect? lols!

But anyway, she wanted me to do the same to some of her pictures too. So i did! And i tried my best but i wasn't really satisfied of what i came up to. Hope she will like these, she haven't seen these yet, she signed off because she said she is going to pick up her daughter in school. So here it is sister! Hope you will like them!


Ari said...

I found you via Entrecard, and I'm so pleased I did ... I love your scrapbook designs.

Regards, Ari from

Anna said...

Very well done!
I hope I could learn that too!
By the way, I added all your blogs in my blog roll!
Take care!

simplymama said...

Look alike man diay mo sa emo sister dai, puro mga gwapa. Anyway, nindot man pagkahimo nimo simple pero colorful kaayo ganahan manko sa emong mga layout kay match ang color dili sakit sa mata.
Happy Thanksgiving