Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He Chose The Best Grip

I have been so amazed to people who knows how to ride a motorbike since when i was young. For me, it looks like the motorbike is really a very good balancing. Been so curious how they can do the balancing to enable for the motorbike to stand still and run. Unlike cars, i wasn't quite amazed because it has four wheels, flat and laying on the ground. So there's no big deal about it really. but the motorbike is pretty amazing for me. When i got here, my friend's husband got a very cool motorbike and i once asked him if it is really too difficult to drive a motorbike. He smiled and said that it is all about body balancing and of course with the help of his kuryakyn. I didn't quite get it what he meant about it until he showed me what it is. It is a handle grip to the motorbike that he bought so to keep from prone accident. He said, if the motorbike has this, it is more comfortable to hold the handle of the motorbike.

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