Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Treasure Her

This is my friend Juralyn. She has been my friend for a long time and until now we are still close to each other despite of the fact that i am now thousands of miles away from her. She is few years younger than i am, i treat her like my younger sister since i don't have a biological younger sister because i am the youngest girl among the siblings. She is a shy kind of person and totally opposite from me. Easy to cry, and not so risk taker like i am. But even though we are very opposite, we do love each other as friends and we treasure our friendship.

I can only count through my fingers the true friends i have, but they surely will be in my heart forever. A word friend to me is very valuable, i can be a very good and trusted friend but i can also be a worst enemy if you want me to. I don't look for trouble but once trouble will get my way, i don't just back off and hides in the corner. I am not that type of person, i don't like to step someone's feet but i don't want to be stepped either. Juralyn knew pretty much about me, in short, she knew all my secrets. If you want to know more a little further about me, just ask this young lady. I miss her, we only saw each other twice when i went back home.


Twerlyn said...

Opposite attracts jud Darl ba.

That's true..we have so many friends but only few for keep kay makalimot naman ang uban. I have so many friends before pero ambot asa na cla kay d naman mamansin ug bisag unsaon nako ug communicate kay muilad man..mahalan tingali sa load ay. hehe!unsaon man kay smart man gamit..kung globe unta pasahan nako hehe!

Anonymous said...

Good thing to hear from you that you have true and real friend's Dai. Finding a real friend is not so easy now adays. They likes you if they can get something from you but if not they don't care and their making stories that makes get in trouble. Next year dai ouhon kuyog ta uli aron magkita nasad mo hehehe