Thursday, November 6, 2008

Can't Go Without Eyeglasses

I had my eye problem already long time ago and not so long ago i had eyeglasses. Hubby said that it is risky for me to drive and go everywhere without glasses. Not putting my eyeglasses on when i am outside is almost impossible for me to see and can read posters, signs, and warnings on the road. There was one time i remember that i went to the grocery store and i kept on going back and fort to the isles because i can't find what i wanted to get. I was just guessing because i cannot see the isle labels on the top.

It is really hard for me to go out without my glasses on. My glasses does a pretty good job in helping me to see better. I am more comfortable to where i am going if i have my glasses on, more confident to drive and can read better. I get dizzy if i try to stare on something without my glasses. I would say that my eyeglasses is very important to me and part of my daily life, without it, i might messed up. My eyeglasses's purpose is to correct my astigmatism and my right eye is near sighted.

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sugarbabes said...

oi pariha nata darl. as in ni grabeh ang akoa..dli nako kakita ug gagmay nga letter or even sa tv dili blurd na kaau kong dili ko mag wear ug glasses