Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can You Belive That?

Oh boy! How lucky i am right now. I hardly get even one opportunity lately to post it to my website. But can you believe that i actually filled my one website with the maximum of three opportunities? Wohooo!!!! I am very happy knowing i am making good money today. Who's gonna give me some money like what i made today by just sitting here and trying to amuse myself by browsing so many amusing things in the internet? I am just hoping that making good money through blogging is not just today, i hope that making money will be back like it used to. If i remember it right my lowest income everyday is 50 bucks and the biggest i got so far was 249 and that was just for a day. I hope that those days will be back again. Thanks to GOD for being so good to me, giving me such blessings that i didn't really expect to get today.


RoseLLe said...

wow! you really are lucky...sana maambunan mo ako:)

more blessings!

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Simply_Haze said...

Lage nindot au to nga time Darl's uy. Karon hinay na gyud ang akong blogging bah.