Monday, November 17, 2008

Seems Like We're Going!

Hubby just barely got home from work and telling me that he got an extra four days vacation during Christmas holiday. He had a meeting at his workplace explaining all about the 4 days extra vacation this coming Christmas season. Whether the employee would like to cash it out or use it but they cannot break the 4 days. It has to be 4 consecutive days that they should use or else they won't get paid.

Well, anyway i was really happy knowing that his plan on going to Georgia this Christmas is still firm, i mean it seems like we are still going despite of his father's condition. His father needs his help everyday. He is getting forgetful and we are supposing that he is having the Alzheimer's Dicease. I felt sorry for this poor old man because he is all by himself in his big house and he doesn't agree on what his children came up to. They want their father to be in a nursing home or a retirement house. But he strongly disagree with it. Well, we cannot force him to stay there. That's why hubby is keep going to his house which is just a block away from ours to check him everyday.

I am getting more excited about our coming trip to Georgia. I love to travel a lot and so as hubby, we are alike a lot in so many ways. I hope that when the time comes, there will be no hindrance that can stop us from going. I am also hoping that i can meet some blogger friends who's living in Georgia or close to border of Florida. So friends, if you are living close to border of Georgia and Florida, please let me know. I would love to meet blogger friends in person.

These photos below was taken a year ago during Halloween party in Salt Lake City, they came here to visit us . This is the family that we are going to visit in Georgia, it's now our turn to visit them there.


momgen said...

Georgia is a nice place sige man ko didto kay naa man ko miga nga silingan nako sa PINAS once a year mi anha sa Georgia heheh...

Lynne said...

What a cute picture with all of the witches hats!
sewing mom

simplyjacy said...

Hi Dar!

It's nice to get away once in awhile especially on the Holiday Season. Which part of Georgia are you going to visit? We used to live in Jacksonville, FL but we moved here in MN last spring.

We are going to Georgia to have a reunion with my siblings and spend Thanksgiving there. Sayang sayo ra diay kaayo mi sa GA. We could've meet there no?

Take care, girl! It's nice to read your blog. Those are cute and sexy witches in the pictures.

texas_sweetie said...

nah prehas pud nas akong FIL intawn mamu oi. karon nagka grabi nga nagka grabi sa iyang sakit duha pa jud kabuok Alzeihmer's disease ug Parkinson's giahak na gikuhaan pag memorya kuhaan pa jud kusog sa kabukogan saon nalang.

tuod beautiful family pud sila sa? mangliwat jud ang offspring sa?