Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He's Spoiled Alright!

I have promised myself not to buy toys for my son anymore. But what can i do? I am just a mother who loves my son so much! And i cannot resist to keep buying toys for him especially this Christmas time. He's got a lot of toys already but there's one toy he wants to have as his presents from his loving parents, the Mack Truck of lightning Mcqueen from Cars movie. There's two movies that he just couldn't get enough of them aside from Thomas the tank engine, the Cars and the Spiderman. I don't know why these movies caught kids's attention so much! They love them and one of them is my dear son. I will get his Mack Truck this Christmas and his dear Dad will get him this marvel magic. We spoiled him of toys alright, but we make sure that he knows his limitations as well.

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simplymama said...

hehehe cute ni MD oinag gunit sa red car.