Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happiness Means

What is happiness truly means? As for my definition about Happiness is an emotion that you feel whenever someone loves you or someone care for you. Happiness means you have peace of mind. But according to the poets, they have their own different definitions of Happiness. And it got me interested to make a scrap out of it. I always feel happy but there are times that i feel so down, sometimes i feel confused. But happiness is what i always want to feel. I guess that's why people are not perfect, we feel different emotions, we can't just be happy all the time.


Simply_Haze said...

That is true indeed! Dili gyud all the time we feel happy naa jud sadness ug confusion. Kanang tawo mu-ingon nga happy sila all the time abnormalon na, hahahaha.

Great layout and great quotes too. Love photo and smile of course!

sugarbabes said...

this is perfect scrap you made it darl i like it the color so simple and cool , the quotation sad very nice hehehe...happiness is feeling happy in our lives,enjoying the company of the loved and dear one. YES! agree gyud ko Hazel sa iyang ingon nga abnormal ang tawo ug sigi lang sad ug katawa for no reason hahahaha...happy thanksgiving diha nimo pretty hazel ...enjoy your day girl..ingat

Melinda Zook said...

Cute scrap. I think remember what makes you happy is very important!