Friday, November 14, 2008

Blog And Make Money!

When i started blogging i didn't really know that i can make money through this. It wasn't my intention to make money why i blog. But since my friend told me that she is making good money because of blogging, i was really surprised. I don't have any idea why she is making money. Until couple of months since i have been blogging, she told me why not try what she is doing so i can make money from my blog as well. I was really confused how to do that. So she told me about this Blog Advertising network that hires blogger to blog about their products and websites. So i said to myself, this is really an interesting job!

I am a stay home housewife and taking care of a 3 year old boy. So why not? I stay home, i can take care of my family's needs and making money at the same time! This is indeed a very smart idea to a mother blogger like me. This got me really hooked up to blogging since i found out that i can make money out of it. Blog advertising is a big help to me because i am sending some money to my mother back home for her medications and of course for her daily needs since she doesn't quite fit to work due to her health is not good. I am glad i am a part of this blogosphere and making money through it.

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