Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hubby's Big Day

It was a simple celebration i prepared for my better half yesterday. Since he never liked the idea of having a party here in the house especially for his big day, so i just made some quick preparation for us to enjoy. Also so we don't have to eat left overs for days, lol! Hubby was of course happy when he came home from work seeing my little surprise for him.

He doesn't want a big cake, since just four of us are going to eat it, i ordered a small one layered round cake. And the other thing is, he doesn't want me to put numbers on his cake either. So for him to have something to blow, i put three candles on his cake which represents the love of his life who dearly loves him so much. The candles was Mommy, MD and DM. It was a simple celebration, yet it was memorable for just four of us celebrated Daddy's very special day of his life :)

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