Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Girly As Her Mother

Finally, we had the chance to take some family photo shoots but it wasn't that great like i really wanted it to. I had some good shots but i wanted more. If not the kids were being goofy, the father won't be looking or smiling in the camera that made me so frustrated during the photo session. And the other thing is, i really don't like indoor photo shoot, i would prefer an outdoor one because the background won't be as limited as the indoor shots.

Anyway, i am still glad that despite of the silly shots i got, i was still able to get at least two or three good ones. And after the family session, i took some snaps of myself, might as well that i was still in a good mood to do the photo shooting even for just by myself alone. But, when hubby saw this picture of mine, he mentioned that if only our little girl is with us right now, she would have been as girly as her mother. That, made me sad all of the sudden and made me cry. That's for sure, no doubt about that, that she will be prettier than me, in fact. But anyway, i know she is in a better place and she is happy with HIM. I love her dearly but GOD must love her more.

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