Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Baby Girls Clothes

I can't help myself not to be sad whenever i see some of my friends from social networking website posting their baby girls's pictures. If only my little girl made it, she could have the most prettiest new baby girls clothes i can buy for her. I really love to see baby girls wearing nice dresses especially when it is so stylish. It't not that i don't love my boys, of course i love with all my heart. It's probably normal to every mothers to long their angel like me that lost a child.

My sister had her baby girl and because i have none, i always end up buying clothes for her instead. She liked all the dresses i gave her, and what i like about her the most is she is so appreciative. I just adore my niece, she is really a bubbly kind of girl and could take the stress off from you. That reminds me, Christmas is fast approaching, i guess it's time for me to give her some nice dresses again :)

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