Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Am Going To College!

One of my dreams is to finish my studies, really i have been thinking about it over and over in several times so i can think it over if it's really needed or not for me to to finish at least a four year course degree. Hubby is been so supportive with my plans though, i have no problem with him, he in fact, is the one who's keep on convincing me to start it soon as i can. But then since we have little boys still that i need to take care of full time, i seem can't fit any extra schedule in my daily routine.

Anyway, hubby said that soon as i get my citizen taken cared of hopefully next year, then i will start to look for a good school where i can find the degree i would want to finish and also not so far from where we live so i can easily get to my school without a traffic hassle. I have to agree with hubby, he is so right about that, so i don't have to rush everything up since i got not much of an extra time, i just can't afford to be late in school.

And on the other note, i am happy that i realized that there is a school loans that can possibly help me with the finances i need in school. Although hubby said he will try his best to have me finish my degree and he'll work hard for it, still i think that it would be a good idea if i have a student loan since they won't be charging so much interest since it is obviously for student enable for them to finish the degree they are taking.

I would say that this is really a big help for the students. Some of them maybe able to afford all the expenses at school but most of them are working hard just to have some savings that they can use whenever there is unexpected expenses. So by having school loans, it wouldn't be so bad to keep going and thinking on how are they supposed to find financial resources. With this, i think it is just a great idea and big break for the students who are looking forward to finish their studies to the university they are in to and will be able to stand on their own feet in the future.

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