Friday, December 9, 2011

Prepaid Debit Cards

Eversince i got married to my better half, he's the one that is controlling our budget in the house. It's a little embarrassing to admit but i should, that i am not very good when it comes to budgeting, my husband is. He takes care most of the bills we pay and takes care of the grocery budget as well, although we all go together but he is the one that controls the expenses.

So because i am bad when it comes to handling money, eventhough i have my own credit cards, still i hardly use it that much because i am afraid i might get carried away and will realized that i spent over the limit. So what hubby did was, he gave me the prepaid debit cards so i can use it whenever i go shopping with my friends or maybe just by myself alone. It's a good idea though because the debit card is reloadable and it's accessible to almost anything i want to get.

How cool is that? Hubby really is a clever partner! By giving me the prepaid debit card, that way i don't have to spend too much, and it has limit to what i can only spend. All he have to do is just put some money to it and i am good to use it! Hubby said that when the kids are grown, that's what exactly he'll do to them. He'll give them the prepaid ones, so he won't pass out soon as he sees the charges of their credit cards when it comes haha! For we both are sure that these boys will be spending more than what we think they will. Especially now that the teenagers are more outgoing and likes to have some fun more often. Also, we have to make sure that we give them enough for their needs in school, and we have to make sure that they will be going to a good and reputable university here nearby. So enable for us to control their spending, hubby has the most greatest idea of planning to give them the same as what i got right now.

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