Thursday, December 8, 2011

Land For Sale

We're actually reconsidering of moving to a new house. Hubby asked me already regarding this matter but i just thought we didn't need to since i love this house, but i guess not anymore started when there's problems going on here that i really can't forget. Moving to a new house will make us feel better and surely will have a new beginning.

So, because of our plan to move, we have been searching some land for sale. We want to design our own house and make it more simple yet elegant looking. It has been my dream to design our own house and i am excited to think that i would soon come true. I honestly can't wait to have it fulfill, so we can live the new peaceful home. The kids will have their each own rooms and will have the basement as a guest room, or it could be couple more rooms. I can only imagine how beautiful our house would be.

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