Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Wishlist For Christmas

My wishlist is not even done yet but i am doubting that all of them will be mine this Christmas. Well, at least i made my wishlist and hoping Santa would grant all of it, lol! I don't think so though, maybe a couple of them would be enough to make me happy and contented. Anyway, the other day i saw the ipad2 is marking their price down a little and i have been wishing to have one myself. I asked hubby if i could include it to my wishlist and he said he'll see if he can get it for me.

So because there is a big chance that i might get it this year, if he would say yes to me, i would be the most happiest woman in the world, lol! Soon as i order that gadget, i can apply the free shipping code so my santa claus won't be charged more with the shipping fee. Isn't that so great? I am helping my santa for him to save some cash in his pocket, lol! I can't wait to own one and i am sure that my santa claus won't fail me, haha!

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