Thursday, January 28, 2010

So Darn Cold!

Do you want to know what i miss most back home? The tropical weather! I was just as excited as a kid when i first got here in America. One thing i was looking forward to see was the snow. When i first touched the snow, i was so happy and acting like a little girl, playing outside although the temperature was so cold for me. My skin swell for staying too long outside, wasn't immune to the cold weather. What do you expect? I have been living all my life in a tropical weather and never did imagine that i would get into a place that has four seasons in a year. Back home, we only have one season all year long and that is summer and it is humid as well.

As years went by as i live here, i am kind of got tired of cold weather. I have to bundle myself up and also my kids. It's bulky and heavy for me, it is very hard for me especially i have to drag my two kids with me everywhere i go, shopping, taking my oldest one to school and picking him up from school. Ugh! What a job, eh? But anyway, sounds like i am complaining huh. I am grateful though because i have had the chance to experience what it's like to be here in America, experience the four seasons of the year and some people are longing to experience what i just did. But still, i prefer to live in a tropical weather rather than being always bundled up on a freezing temperature.

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