Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HE Granted My Wish

When i found out that i was pregnant with my little one now, i kept it to most of my friends online because i don't want to entertain any possible questions that might not be appropriate. I was craving things secretly. The most one thing i was wishing and have been praying that i am going to have a safe delivery and i did, although i almost lost my own life because of some complications after the delivery. But thank goodness i survived and my baby came out perfectly fine, he's healthy and 9.3 lbs baby. Quite huge for poor tiny mother that only measured 4'11.

Well anyway, when i was pregnant, i also was praying that GOD will give me an angel that has blue eyes. Although it is really impossible for me to have a blue eyed baby because i am Asian and my husband has hazel eyes. But to my surprise, my baby came out with surely different eye color. GOD really granted my wish! I am not sure though what really is the color of his eyes because it changes here and there, in short, it's not definite yet. But no matter what his eyes color is going to be, he will still be loved by his dear family and he surely brought joy to my heart after losing his big sister...

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Haze said...

That's a miracle Darl's. Dili diay blue eyes moha bana? Kataka-taka, heehhe. Pero I'm sure both of you have blue in the genetic history. You definitely have one cute little boy. Ui 4'11 ra diay ka, thats certainly huge baby for you. Well done!