Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Losing Weight Quick

A lot of people are asking me how did i lose my weight so quick? Well, it doesn't really a whole of effort for me to lose my weight right after i deliver the baby because it is probably my nature to lose weight soon as the baby comes out from me. Some mothers are having hard time to get back to their usual figure before they had their babies. It's pretty easy for me, i may sound bragging but that is the truth. Some mothers are reading some weight loss success stories, but me? I lose weight in no time. I am like a balloon that soon as the needle pokes, i get back to my original figure. Though i am not as thin as i was before i had my babies, but i am not so conscious with my figure now. In fact, i do love how i look now, gained a little bit more but it's just perfect for me. Well, judge it for yourself, here's the picture that my hubby took early this morning in our backyard. My baby is now 5 months and this is my size now.

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