Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My New Toy

Hubby said that i trade him with my new big toy now, lol! He bought me the camera that i was wishing to have and now that i finally got it last Christmas as my present from dear sweet loving husband of mine, i can't seem to put it down. I just love photography and i have class going on every Saturday to learn more about the features, tips and tricks of the camera. Just in case you might wanna know what kind of camera i have, it's a Nikon D300s. It a DSLR and i so love it!

But anyway, off topic, since that i got my new camera, i keep on taking a picture of myself every month how much weight i lose. And this photo below that i showed was taken three months ago after i delivered my baby boy. Lots of friends has been asking what did i do to my body to keep the figure perfect? Well, i don't really do a whole lot, taking care of two boys and my husband is enough for me to lose weight. Well, each one of us has diets that work for us, and what i just said is working to me just perfectly alright.

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