Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Annoying Tummy Fats

Even though i lose weight so fast, still i have this bulging tummy that is not really that firm and i want to get rid of this remaining fats that i got in my tummy. Hubby said that sit ups could also help to get my firm tummy back. I do agree but i still wanted to get rid of it just like the snap of a finger, lol! I really am so impatient to exercise, it's not my cup of tea to do that kind of activity. Taking care of kids is exhausting enough to me, that's probably why i can't find time to have my own time and do the exercise. Right now i am looking for a fastest way to burn fat in my tummy and i am looking forward for a better me before i go back to my country, which i am hoping i can go home this year.

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