Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Awful Eye Dark Circles

Ever since when i was younger, i prefer the night than daytime. I don't really exactly know what's up with night that i am more active than daytime. I get so lazy and tired during daytime but soon as the sun comes down, my energy is too much. A lot of friends i have called me that i am a night owl because i am up during at night but lousy during the day. Haha! I guess that's how i am. Even my mother asked me why am i like this since she gave birth to me day time and i am suppose to be more active at daytime. Well i guess some people prefers daytime than night time. That's why i got dark eye bags already that i am treating now with eye cream for dark circles. And i am glad that it is fading away because it looks awful when i am not wearing make up.

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