Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Look Of Him

I am so hooked to the website where you can find different kinds of online games that makes me entertained whenever i am idle. Also, i get to keep in touch with some old friends, some long lost friends and colleagues. There was this man that i used to work with before in an electronics company. He worked there as a technician and i worked there as an inspector. But anyway, i was just so surprised upon seeing him on his recent photos that he posted. He is really totally different now. I am talking about his physical appearance, he used to be the skinny guy and now, he's got perfect curve as a man! Boy! If you only see him, he changed indeed! For the better though and good for him! I was able to talk to him the other day and asked him what did he do why he became so perfect looking guy. He told me that he has been taking bodybuilding supplements and it is working great for him. Well, i really am happy for him, i really do.

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