Thursday, October 23, 2008

Under The Sea

In this picture above was taken in Manila Ocean Park. I was actually under the sea and as you see that i didn't got wet. I was just amazed by the architects of this building. I can't even figure out myself how they do this such a thing. I guess that's why they are architects because they studied about this matter. In this photo i was pointing the stingrays above me that is actually in the ocean. This oceanarium is the biggest aquarium in whole Asia that is located in Manila Philippines.


Anonymous said...

nice sad ang Manila Ocean park da....mura@x man sa Albuquerque.

TiOheM said...

Too bad, we haven't been there.

Anonymous said...

That is so bloody cool. Maybe I should pitch that idea to hubbie as we're planning a house. :D

twinks said...

we're planning of visiting Ocean Park sis soon sis..
Buti pa you nakapunta na..
Happy Sunday!

NovaS said...

Been there na sis, before i left PI and come here sa USA, treat nko whole family sa akong sister, before ko larga pangdespededa ba.. lingaw noh.. as in amazing kaayo tons of photos like you have my dear... i just love the sea

Shabem® said...

I bet ga enjoy imo bugoy pag visit ninyo diha. Must be a nice place to visit pag makauli ko.
Passing by!