Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Busy Mommy

I am really busy lately. I can hardly take care of myself, i mean take care means to eat and do some other special things for myself. Of course i still can brush my hair, brush my teeth and able to take a bath, silly!!! What are you thinking now? No, i am just kidding though. Anyway, what i mean busy is, i've got a lot of things here in our house that i need to finish such as house chores, taking care of my son and hubby, and of course trying to finish the prizes that i am going to give to my loyal visitors and my dear blogger friends as Christmas giveaways here soon.

The first prize is almost done, the second prize is perfectly done and i am still working of the third prize. So how's that? They are almost ready! So better watch out guys! I poured so much of my time on this and i am hoping that you guys are going to love my Christmas giveaways! So visit me often so you will know what you are about to win!

NOTE: Sponsorship is open on this Christmas giveaways. Anyone can sponsor whatever you can offer such as:

1. Money/cash through paypal.
2. Blog layout.
3. EC credits and ads space on your blog/s.

To those sponsors who are willing to give EC credits, you can just send the credits to my account and also the money through paypal. Just leave your comments here in this post so i will know if you are interested to sponsor my christmas giveaways. Thank you!


sugarbabes said...

i cant wait to see that darl hahaha..mura ko ug apil..bitaw pinaskuhan nako huh..

Carlota said...

Hi Darl got your message sa comment box nako...mao pay pag-abot from work ug dia lingkod dayon hehehe...

sure i can sponsor i can make layout? Let me know. ayo2x

Twerlyn said...

hello darl, nabasahan ko shout out mo sa YM hehe! mu-sponsor kog ug EC credits.. 1k per week for 3weeks = 3k EC credits... 1k per week lang ang allowed abi (new rule of EC)..akoa lang isend sa imo starting this week.

Jerla Oh lalala said...

halo darl di lng ko join ani kay wla man mi celebrate christmas gud... lain lng nya next time ok! :)

ღ Pinaymama ღ said...

helo darl, sure mo sponsor ko free advertisement sa akong 5 ka blogs for 1 month!

Let me know if ok!


Mars said...

Hello! I am willing to sponsor 2500 ECs. :) Email me na lang for the details. :D Bangenge ako eh. Haha.

askmsrecipe said...


I would being willing to put in 500 entrecard credits in the mix for your contest. I don't know how it works so please let me know in a comment under a post.
Ask Ms Recipe


Hey Darl, I'll sponsor a book giveaway. Maybe 5 books to one person or 1 new release book at amazon up to 25 dollars.

Shoshana plus This Book For Free.

twinks said...

Hello Darl,
I'll sponsor.
Dili nako anang layout kay madam choco na na hehehe. I'll sponsor 1,500 EC credits from my two blogs. Hope that's okay na. Just let me know lang ha. :] tc

Elaine said...

Thanks for the notice. :) Me too, I will give away 3000 EC credits. and sponsorship on my 3 blogs. :)

momgen said...

na hala ako pod sponsor

2,000 EC http://mommyko.com
1,000 EC http://www.happymomiam.us
500 EC http://love.mommyko.com
ad space for 1 month - http://1.pinoyko.info pr3
ad space for 1 month - http://pinoyko.info - pr1
$5 - http://kwarta4me.biz

ug darl sponsor pod sa akoa hahahhaah bitaw if you would like....

Cathy said...

Ako Dae Sponsor sab ko. Blog header or kung naa ka preference. Email me lang at cah1126 at gmail dot com.


pinaymommy said...

pwede ko sponsor sa imo mommy? 1000 EC per blog ? tapos 3 ka blogs?

please let me know kung OK. thanks!!


Elaine said...

Hi Utah Mommy, can i revise what i said again?

2000 EC credits plus 1 montn ad - http://www.pinkhues.com

1000 EC credits plus 1 montn ad-

1000 EC credits plus 1 month ad-

I know your contest will be a suceess. :)

wiehanne said...

Hi, I would like to sponsor the following:
500ec from wiehanne.com
2 weeks link ads on medandaily.com PR3
2 weeks link ads on simplywp.net PR2

Shabem® said...

Ang ako Darlz is FREE advertisement sa ako EC. Depende pila ako credit the day mag pa advertise ang winner.
I will send the credit back para FREE cya. [Good for one day]

-Then I can make a digiscrap layout.
-I will contribute 500 EC Credits pod.

wiehanne said...

Hi, I'll send the 500ec to you next week as I have exceed the transfer limit. Thanks :D

Anonymous said...

Hy girl xD you really are giving out your whole self on this, aren't you? :) your visitors and net friends can only love you for this, you know ^-^ I have no time to enter these for this time, but it had been a while since I last dropped by, so here I am :D To leave you a BIG hug! *HUG*
- Luana (c) Sweet-Loves.net

Mizé said...

I love guiveaways.
I can sponsor 500 Ec credits and one 125x125 add spot for 1 month in My Countryhome blog (PR2).

chronic chick said...

Hi there,

I'll add 500 entrecards and an 125X125 ad space on my page rank 4 site.

Active Site

Chronic Chick Talk

anneberly said...

Hi Darlene, I know how it is to have a very busy life because I myself is one heck of a busy mom. So hows life Darlene
Beyond The Rave Reality, Computer and Electronics, Money Online Thoughts, Seek Health. Feel Great

gLoR!e said...

hi darl,

seems daghan na mo sponsor dah..pero if puede pa ok rako mo sponsor 1,500EC hehehe gamay ra sa?ok let me know!:)


The Daily Matters said...

Hi Darlene, kumusta naman. I hope you are doing well and your family. Thanks for stopping by. Welcome back to the blogging world. Anyway, this is interesting. I would love to join basin EC lang ako sponsor kay medyo naa ko credits bilin pa. I don't really blog a lot like I used to.

Take care. God bless!

Simply_Haze said...

This is sound cool! Sure, I could sponsor Entrecard credits if is still open. Or I could just join in hehehe. Kay ug pulos mo sponsor wala nay mu-apil unya.

Sorry, late ako reply kay medyo busy pud ko gamay.

Kram Newo said...

Sure dai Darlene pwd ko hatag ug 2,000 EC dai... ug nanubra nasad ang sponsors hala apil nalang ko hahahah...

TommyClaire said...

HI Darlene, hehehe joiners lang ko kay neophyte pa ko aning blogging:) thanks for visitin my site:) take care and goodluck sa pag run sa contest:)

pinaymommy said...

http://www.pinaymommyonline.com - 1000EC

http://lourdesmia.blogspot.com - 1000EC

http://www.momemo.com - 1000EC

mommy, schedule lang nako send sa EC kay dili man pwede padala na sabay. thanks!!

Mommy R