Monday, October 17, 2011

After Ages, I Shopped Again!

After ages of not going out, i mean really a decent going out with friends and went shopping to the mall, i finally was able to do that yesterday with my best friend. It was a fun day out because we also meet up a friend who lives nearby where the mall is. I wasn't planning to spend some but i could not help but got tempted by those nice shirts from Hollister and some other stores that are on sale. I love to shop a lot but the problem is, i got no money to shop all the time, lol!

I spent enough for me to cover in my credit card and fortunately i got few blogging tasks that needs to be posted. That should take care of my bills. I always try not to overspend because i am still working on paying my visa until it's all paid off. Although hubby is helping me with it but i will try my best to pay it from my own little income. Anyway, i know that some of you may know a fellow blogger whose in the photos below. She is a friendly blogger that i met online long time ago already and became a good friend of mine, since it happens to be she lives an hour away from where i live. We had a fun chat yesterday and took her home and she served us good dinner. We should plan to meet up again sometime, it sure is fun!

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