Thursday, October 13, 2011

Walden University's Online Degree Programs

I have been so eager to pursue my studies really. Since i can't really just go out that easy due to my kids, i would like to just continue my studies by enrolling myself to They have quite a few of Walden University's online degree programs that i can get myself into. At first, i was hesitant that i might not like the idea of taking a degree through online though but when i heard a lot of people talking about it how convenient and easy that is, especially for the case like me that i am a mother of two boys that can't just go and do things that i want to do since they still need me.

It's been awhile since i am so anxious of going back to school. Hubby encouraged me to do so but then i was still thinking about it whether i should proceed or not. Hubby said that if i am not so sure yet, i might as well have to learn about Walden some more. So to familiarize what i should take for me to be able to finish it. I am honestly a little confused still, but soon i have to decide if i should go or not. But the eagerness to continue my studies is still in my system though and i should go for it.

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iand said...

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