Monday, October 17, 2011

Tall Clothes

It was a fun day out yesterday being with my best friend and met another friend who lives nearby to the mall where we went to. We sure had a lot of talking while we hopped from one store to the other. That was my second time being in that store and i would definitely want to go back there sometime again with of course my friends again. I never thought i would enjoy yesterday since i got not much of a budget to really shop for the things that i want. But i was surprised myself that i end up buying things and i didn't spend a whole lot.

Anyway, i would like to go back there soon because i saw a store over there where i can get a present for my dear husband. His birthday is coming up and i want to surprise him with a nice clothing. Since he actually wears very decent kind of clothing so rarely, i would love to have one for him, for him to wear during special occasions or maybe holiday such us Christmas, might as well that his birthday is very close to Christmas time. I've seen a lot of big and tall clothes to that store that would suit him well. Since hubby is a tall guy, though not too big but there are some tall clothes that i would want him to wear and i am just imagining how good he looks soon as wear those.

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