Thursday, October 13, 2011

Early Christmas Hint For Hubby

I was browsing here online yesterday when hubby got home from work. He did the usual routine, he kissed and hugged me and asked me how am i doing. So i answered him the usual thing, i am doing fine and so as the kids, and was just doing my usual thing to do everyday. He looked at to what i was doing here on my computer and asked me why am i browsing the ipad2. I said i really love the features and everything to it, it is not just handy but also very convenient whenever we go for a trip so i don't have to bring this bulky laptop of mine.

I admit that laptop is really useful though, but if when we go for a short vacation, i find it not necessary to bring it with us. Anyway, when it comes to uploading photos, i can just wait though until we get back home. That way, i have plenty of time to process them the way that i like to and then upload it to networking website for my family and friends to see.
But i just love this ipad2. I already gave my sweet husband a hint that this is the one that i would love to have for Christmas, lol! He didn't say a thing but i know hubby already so well. He doesn't like to say things first because he wants to surprise me all the time. Anyway, i don't give too much hopes for that though, i was just wishing that Santa (hubby) got my hint. I have been good all year though, haha!

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