Friday, July 1, 2011

My Two Cheerers

Because a lot of things are in my mind right now, i am again dealing my insomnia. I am so depressed today when i heard about my family back home. My mother is not been well since she had her severe stroke long time ago and until now still taking medicines. What worries me is she is being prescribed by the doctor to take more medicines, which makes her feel dizzy sometimes. Also, my sister is now confined at the hospital, she was rushed there because she could not breathe. When i called her, she told me it must have been an over fatigue because she has been exhausted lately.

But, despite of all these problems i am dealing with, i have my two boys who cheers me up whenever i am down and feeling so weak. They sure do know how to make me smile, they want me to be happy, so my oldest one asked me if i could take pictures of them with their silly faces. I did and they succeeded with their intention, to make me laugh and be happy. My oldest son told me he doesn't wanna see me crying, which makes me feel so loved and special. These are my happiness, the source of my strength and the precious blessings/treasures of my life.
My cheerers

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