Monday, June 27, 2011

No Pets Allowed!

It has been awhile since i last heard about my good friend in Texas. She was pretty busy remodeling their house. She said that they got rid of their carpets already due to their pets's hairs sticks to it and she just got tired cleaning it up by vacuuming it. She in fact hired the pet odor company that takes care of it because she can't stand it anymore. She actually doesn't like pets herself, it's her husband that loves pets and she can't do anything about it because kids does love pets too!

She also let the company to do the pet stain and odor removal austin because some of their rooms has peed by their pets. Oh if you only hear how she whines about the pets inside their house. Good thing we don't have pets here in our house, and we could not have it either even if we wanted to because my husband and my son are allergic to pets, especially the cats. They get sick easy when they are around them. That's why our house is no pets allowed! So i am also glad somehow that i don't have to worry about pet because i myself doesn't want to clean pet's mess either. I have enough mess here to clean, done by my kids, i could not even imagine having pets here running around the house and making a mess. Aghhh that would be too much for me to handle.

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