Sunday, July 17, 2011

Halogen Light Bulbs

Photography is one of my obsession these days, most especially the macro photography. I really am not into portraiture but i am trying to learn because i have kids that i would like to photo shoot in a studio. Which reminds me, that i do need to get some Halogen Light Bulbs so i can put it on my umbrellas and will use it as the light of the subject. I have been seeing some photographers that are using cheap and alternative to the original gears that a photographer usually buys.

This way, i don't have to spend too much for my own mini studio downstairs, also i am going to have the brightest bulbs that i want to get. Some professional photographers i met online told me that it is not really necessary if my gadgets or devices are expensive, i can just buy the alternatives which can save me some cash and have the same quality result of the portraits that i would want to have. I really need to start my mini studio for so many purposes. I can also do the macro photography in my studio. For example those commercial images such as tomatoes with white background or black background, i would love to try that myself. And having a perfect lighting using these affordable bulbs, i am sure i can take good shots just as good as these photographers that i have admired of their awesome works.

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