Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Pool Fun

I am glad that my kids and i went to the pool yesterday with my friends and their kids as well. I was thinking twice yesterday whether if i go or not because it rained and made me feel so lazy to drive all the way down there and enjoy the outdoor fun. But, thankfully, the storm went away and the kids had so much blast...

Of course us, the parents enjoyed our stay there as well chatting while the kids were in the pool doing some fun stuff. It turned out to be a pretty nice day yesterday because it wasn't so hot and wasn't that chilly either to have the kids out and be in the water for that long hours. Pretty much they have been in the water for half of the day and i must say that it's all worth it that we went and enjoyed the day with friends....

Here are some photos i captured while my kids are in the pool. I can hardly find the big brother with that big pool, he was having a blast with his best buddy that's why i only got two shots of him. My attention was more with the little one of course.

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