Thursday, July 28, 2011

Protruded Front Teeth

When i was still back in Philippines i used to wear retainers to push my protruded front teeth. But then because i was so lazy to keep going to the place where i had my retainers, nothing happened to my teeth, instead it got worse. Now, i regretted why i really did not take care of my teeth when i was a lot younger. I could have done something to make it look nicer and not awful.

If you notice that i hardly show my teeth to most of my pictures, it is because of my front teeth. I really want to do something about this, and i hope i can have this fixed very soon. I so admire those people wearing their beautiful smiles with their white and nice looking teeth. How i wish i have those kind of smile like what they have! Hubby suggested to me that i should look for a best Orthodontists, that can take a look at my teeth and will be able to fix it. Also, we are looking after the charges since we both know that wearing braces won't be that affordable. But, hubby would love to have me seen to get my teeth fixed so i can show my big smile and won't hide my protruding teeth :)

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