Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Brothers, My Joys

Kids are definitely loving the summer time! They get to enjoy outside more often. They go out in our backyard and plays the wiggly piggly they have and also the sprinklers. And i am also loving it because i get to enjoy watching them as i grill some burgers or maybe chicken thighs and legs for them to munch whenever they get hungry after the run around and chasing each other. They are now getting tanned because they are more exposed under the heat of the sun everyday, which it don't really matter to me for their skin color will lighten up again when winter comes and i hate to think about it right now, for we are just enjoying the hot temperature we have here.

This photo below was taken yesterday, the big brother asked me if i could take a picture of them both standing in front of the sprinklers. He hardly asks me taking picture of him, so i quickly grabbed my camera and got few snaps of them. As i was looking at this picture of them, i realized that they are growing so fast, little did i know, they are no longer my babies! But still i call them both my babies, which my oldest son hates it especially when i take him to school lol! So i told him that even if you are going to have a family of your own someday, still you are going to be my baby and it will be forever, no one can ever change that. I love my two boys so much, they make me happy everyday and they are my inspiration in life.

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