Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Planning To Continue My Studies

One thing that i would like to accomplish in my life soon as i have enough time for myself is to continue my studies. I only graduated in high school and i really want to pursue my studies to college. Sadly, i had to work right after i graduated in high school due to financial crisis. My mother told me that she can't support if ever want to go to college. So, i ended up having a job in an early age instead of finishing my studies. I feel so jealous to all of my high school classmates whenever i see them and talked about what did they take and what school they go to.

Now that i can have that chance to have my dream come true, which i just have to wait a little bit more until my kids will be big enough to be independent, i can now imagine myself going to school in college. And by browsing some online schools, i found that is the school that i would want to go to. I mean, really if i want to do it now, i also can do my studies while at home for they have this Walden University's online degree programs. I am considering that for myself really, since i really can't afford to lose my sight from my kids, and not to mention that i have to pay a baby sitter to take care of them both while i will be at school. Hubby said that i need further more details to learn about Walden. I am really looking forward to finish a degree, or even at least a vocational course, so i will be qualified for the jobs i am going to apply in the future.

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