Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Velvet Birthday Cake

I had a very simple celebration on my big day but it sure was a blast! The very day of my birthday, my friend surprised me with her prepared foods and a velvet cake with 30 numbers on top of it. I felt so special because she actually did all that for me. She woke up early just to prepare the foods and bought me a lovely cake, knowing she has to go to work later that day, how sweet of her huh? She is indeed a very sweet and thoughtful friend of mine.

Although we did not spend the whole day together with some other friends, she already made my day for the surprise she had for me. I took the cake home after and some foods that she prepared when the time that she has to leave for work. Last Saturday, a friend also prepared something for me, but i did not buy a cake for myself to blow since i already had one on my very day. It was a fun birthday, i celebrated it on my very day and a day after. I felt so special and blessed, i am now thirty years old! And yes, i am old, or am i? lol!

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Carolyn said...

belated happy birthday:-)

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