Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saving Energy

Living here in our state is really pricey when we talk about energy, power or gas. When winter comes, we've got to use the gas to heat up the whole house so we won't freeze to death. And during the summertime, we need to cool down our house because we have a very hot and dry climate out here. So that explains everything why it cost a lot of energy here in our state. We're on top of the mountain and that also explains why we have a very extreme weather here whether summer or winter.

Hubby and i are glad that we have found an alternative to it. A friend of ours introduced the geothermal cooling so we don't use as much energy during summertime. When the weather gets too hot, we have no choice but to blast all the way the air conditioning unit of ours. But now that we have this geothermal air conditioning, we're so happy to know that we're not gonna pay our power bills as much as like we used to anymore. Also, during winter time we won't be worrying too much for our usage of gas since we have this geothermal heat pump. It's gonna be a big savings for us, and we'll be able to save some more in the future.

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