Monday, March 14, 2011

Best Buddies

One thing why i like going to our friend's house even if it's a little far from where we live, it is because she's got son that is about the same age as my youngest. They get along so well, they play and eat together. While the parents are having so much fun, the kids as well in their own ways. I love to see them playing together because i can just imagine when they are grown they will be playing together still, like maybe a basketball or some other kind of sports.

I hope that these two kids will grow together and see each other more often so they will become best buddies. I know that this kid will grow up to be a fine young man just like my kids for he has a good parents, his mom is kind hearted and so as his dad. I admire the couple for raising their son so well. Anyway, here are some few pictures i got during our stay at their place a little while ago. You can really tell by just looking at these photos below that they are best buds, aren't they?

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