Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vacation Is What I Am Thinking

When i celebrated my very special day, i was so happy that it was a very nice day. Although it was cold but the sun shone so bright and there was no strong wind that adds more chill with this cold weather. I was able to celebrate my birthday with my good friends and enjoyed the whole night with them. Foods was all yummy and drinks tasted so good as well.

But then i really thought that we're done with this snow yet, but i was wrong. It snowed last night again and it was pretty heavy. I am just tired of this kind of weather, especially that spring is coming up, it's the time to be prepared for the kids not to get sick for we always get an unpredictable weather. It makes me wish that we can go somewhere else and enjoy outside some more like going to a fun vacation. I know some place where we can just sit outside all day without being wrapped up with layered long sleeves shirts and wearing heavy coats. Florida villas is one of our choices, there's the package already that a family can enjoy. When going for a vacation we always look for those who have a package deals so it'll be affordable for us, it won't hurt our budget and at the same time we will enjoy the place and our time while we're there.

There are also some villa rentals for those families that wants to stay there for a little longer. We might consider doing that later on, but for now we'll just have to enjoy short vacations since hubby can't really get a good long leave of absence at work for they are having busy days lately. Well, vacation is vacation and we've got to enjoy every moment of it. I am sure that our kids will enjoy the place, play there and will do some fun activities.

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